i'm sam

~ a Software Engineer & Systems currently based in London.

Current Position

November 2017 - Present

My role focuses on developing & integrating microservices across a large distributed system, with a focus on scaleable archictecture & small, replaceable pieces. - Workforce - Functional - Lead development of location tracking product


What I cannot create I do not understand.

Building an 8-bit Computer
Over the next month I have challenged myself to build an 8-bit computer, from the transistors upwards, capable of basic algorithm & low-level programming.
I'll be posting my progress on my blog, along with videos demonstrating where I'm up to.

Neural Networks
Keen to gain a better understanding of AI, I deep-dived into Neural Networks, especially the matrix maths & calculus which are driving research & development in the field. I wrote & continue to work on this Matrix Maths library, an NPM module for building Neural Nets in Node. Matrix Maths
Now looking into recurrent neural nets & their applications for language processing.

Internet of Things
Experimenting with micro computers & microcontrollers. Rewrote this library with C bindings into Node.js from Python: Servo Six
Currently working on language processing project (see Neural Nets above).

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